About Us

Established in 2016, The Promoting Research in Social Media and Health Symposium (PRISM Health Symposium) is of the few existing conference dedicated to interdisciplinary experts engaged in social media and health research. It brings together researchers, industry partners, patients, advocates, and others to showcase their work. The PRISM planning committee does far-ranging research on health and social media. Prior work presented at PRISM includes vaccination attitudes, infectious disease outbreaks, tobacco cessation, and health misinformation, all using online communication. Now on its eighth year, PRISM hosts innovative, interactive conference sessions that bridge the gap among diverse research disciplines. Join us at PRISM to advance this field of work!

One of the speakers could potentially be a valuable community-based research partner for us. 

PRISM Attendee, 2016

PRISM encourages trainees, junior faculty, and professionals underrepresented in medicine (UIM) to attend. In 2022, PRISM attracted more than 60 attendees. One-third of these attendees were early in their careers and one-third of these trainees were URM.  

This is my favorite conference to attend. I always leave with a file full of ideas. 

PRISM Attendee, 2020

Past speakers include: